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Traineeships and Study Programmes

All young people are required to participate in education until the end of the academic year they turn 18. Study programmes may be undertaken at a further education college, 6th Form College or with a training provider.

Young people must engage in one of the following:

  • An Apprenticeship
  • A Traineeship
  • Study Programme
  • Full time work involving at least 280 hours of education
  • Full time education including A levels
  • Home education

The Study Programme assists 16-19 years old to gain qualifications and employability skills to progress into further education, an apprenticeship or employment.

It offers a flexible programme which may include a mix of qualifications, including English and Maths for young people who have not achieved GCSE’s 9-4, and work experience.


Traineeships prepare young people for their future careers by helping them to become ‘work ready’. They provide essential work preparation training, Maths and English and work experience needed to compete successfully for jobs, including Apprenticeships, or to progress to further learning. Traineeships can last from 6 weeks to one year (although most last 6 months).

Who are Traineeships for?

Traineeships are an ideal opportunity for young people who are motivated to get a job but who lack the skills and experience that employers are looking for. Young people who have been applying unsuccessfully for Apprenticeship vacancies due to lack of skills or experience could be good candidates for a Traineeships.

Are you suitable for a Traineeship?

  • Unemployed or work less than 16 hours per week and have little work experience
  • Motivated to work
  • Aged 16-24 and qualified below level 3

Employers are not required to pay young people taking part in Traineeships but are encouraged to support learners with potential financial assistance such as travel costs. Bursaries are available for young people aged 16-19 on a Study Programme or Traineeship, subject to eligibility.

Traineeship opportunities are advertised regularly, search traineeships on or contact your local College or Training Provider.


A Guide to Traineeships (PDF)