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TVLPN are a registered charity with over 40 members dedicated to supporting Learning Providers and Learners to achieve their potential in the field of work based learning.

Who we are

The TVLPN consists of privately owned companies, local authorities, colleges and national organisations. Members are engaged in the delivery of vocational training leading to NVQ’s, Apprenticeships and other qualifications.

How are we managed

The TVLPN is managed from a Steering group, made up of 12 elected members of the Network member organisation representatives.

Our Vision

“To be the first point of contact for any organisation or individual requiring any form of training. By striving to keep ahead of market requirements and actively looking to develop new provision as opportunities arise, the TVLPN will be able to provide all required training in Tees Valley. This will be achieved by working in conjunction with Network members”.

The aims of the terms of membership:

  • Ensure providers are aware of the services available.
  • Ensure the level of service from the TVLPN is met.
  • Ensure members are fully aware of their rights and responsibilities as TVLPN members.
  • Ensure that members are fully aware of all activities undertaken by the TVLPN and members including sharing best practice and partnership working.


The cost of membership is £400 from August to July.


  • Act as key point of contact for each member.
  • Represent members to local Stakeholders, Employers, and Schools etc.
  • Support all members with guidance, advice and support.
  • Provide members with up-to -date information from Stakeholders, relevant organisations and Network activities.
  • Ensure training needs are responded to (if appropriate).
  • Provide, organise and facilitate a range of demand led training.
  • Research funding opportunities and offer members the opportunity to participate in delivery plans to sustain the Network.
  • TVLPN to generate income to sustain the Network through commercial work e.g. schools and other agencies.
  • Organise 4 full Network meetings per annum.
  • Organise 2 Steering group meetings per annum.
  • Design and produce collaborative marketing materials on behalf of all members.
  • Represent members at a range of events.
  • Promote work based learning to a broad spectrum of clients on behalf of all our members.
  • Represent members on a variety of groups / boards across Tees Valley.
  • Organise and where appropriate, lead a variety of support groups for members supporting staff development and achieving quality of delivery.
  • Display member’s details on website with a link to their organisation site.
  • Provide excellent customer service in a friendly, efficient and professional manor.


  • Provide TVLPN with a key contact for provider meetings and school activities.
  • Provide TVLPN with up-to-date information on contact detail changes.
  • Provide TVLPN with up-to-date information on changes to provision.
  • Provide TVLPN with a current logo and profile outline of their organisation (one paragraph).
  • Provide TVLPN with case studies as needed.
  • Promote TVLPN and collaborative marketing initiatives to increase the profile of Work Based Learning and the TVLPN.
  • When representing the TVLPN in collective marketing initiatives they will represent the TVLPN and not their own organisation.
  • Provide evidence of Matrix accreditation if involved in WRL activities within schools.
  • Respond to all reasonable requests for information by TVLPN by response deadline even if a nil return.
  • Participate in the annual Tees Valley Provider Survey.
  • Ensure a key representative attends the full Network meetings throughout the year.
  • Ensure a key representative attends the Annual General Meeting.
  • Represent providers at a range of forums and feedback to the TVLPN.
  • Ensure no activities undertaken will lead to the erosion of the TVLPN reputation and credibility.
  • Agree to training terms and conditions (if applicable).
  • Agree to terms of membership.

TVLPN will review these terms of membership annually.

“Fantastic Network bringing together training providers and key partners to the benefit of Tees Valley”. 

Middlesbrough Community Learning

“By far the most professional network I have been to… informative, thought provoking and leads the way with initiatives and funding.”

Northern Skills Group

“A well organised, professional and useful network that supports members fully”. 

Darlington Borough Council

Provider support programme

As a member of the Tees Valley Learning Provider Network you will have access to our Provider Support Programme. Our aim is to help you address the challenges faced by this ever changing world of work based learning, by facilitating peer-to-peer activity which accommodates individual and group needs and work to source solutions collaboratively. 

We are proud to support you in the following key areas:

  • Networking/ Communication
  • Employer Engagement
  • Marketing
  • Events
  • Partnership working
  • Recruitment
  • Registration & Certification audit