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Provider Support Programme

The Tees Valley Learning Provider Network (TVLPN) is a registered charity with currently 46 members

We are dedicated to supporting learning providers and learners to achieve their potential in the field of work-based learning. TVLPN is a non-profit membership organisation with charitable status.  Membership runs from 01 August to 31 July following the academic contract year.  The TVLPN acts as a point of contact for each member.

Our members are:

  • Independent training providers, voluntary & community organisations, FE Colleges, local authorities, universities and health authorities who deliver Apprenticeships, Study Programme and Adult Education Budget funded provision including Community Learning
  • Stakeholder agencies and funding bodies who are engaged in the sector such as the Tees Valley Combined Authority (TVCA), Education & Skills Agency (ESFA) Awarding Bodies, Job Centre Plus

The TVLPN is governed by a Steering Group, which comprises of 8-10 elected managers from a wide range of Learning Provider organisations. The Steering Group meets twice a year and monitors the TVLPN’s strategic plan and financial accounts.

The TVLPN hold bi-monthly meetings for members.  Supporting agencies such as ESFA, Job Centre Plus, Tees Valley Combined Authority, National Careers Service, AELP use this forum to update members on key issues.  All members are encouraged to attend these meetings not only to receive the updates but to network with other likewise organisations.

The TVLPN has eight members who act as Provider Ambassadors. As a potential new member, you will have the opportunity to speak with a Provider Ambassador to find out more about the benefits of being a member

As a member of the TVLPN we are proud to support you in the following key areas:

Network Meetings And Communication

  • Members are invited to bi-monthly Provider Network meetings , with agendas and minutes sent in advance and after events
  • Members are offered guidance, advice and support – individual and group sessions available. Sessions on demand
  • Members are provided with up-to-date information from Stakeholders, key organisations and other organisation that we feel meets the needs of our Providers. This includes funding and policy updates inclusive of all funding streams (Apprenticeships / AEB/ Study Programmes / Loans / Tenders)
  • Network activities are communicated to members on an ongoing basis, so up to date information and opportunities are shared via email
  • Network members are represented by the TVLPN at stakeholder meetings and locally and regionally
  • Members are invited to bi–monthly Provider Network meetings
  • The TVLPN communicates with other Networks and shares best practice and acts as a conduit between stakeholders and members
  • Network members are encouraged to complete a yearly survey, which identifies their needs and supports their individual requirements as a member, to shape future agenda items and activities
  • New Network members are welcome and offered a short slot at the full network meetings to promote their provision to other providers and this has often resulted in greater partnership working between our members.

Employer Engagement

  • TVLPN represents our members at the various meetings promoting the training offer to local employers
  • Networking Events – TVLPN annually attends the local Business Summit Event, where we actively promote members offer to employers
  • One to one contact with employers via website enquiries. Impartial advice is given, and appropriate referrals are made to Network members, depending on the needs of the employer


  • The TVLPN organises an annual Schools Careers Information Event for careers advisors within schools and gives the TVLPN the opportunity to update school’s representatives about Apprenticeships and other key subjects.  It also gives members the opportunity to promote their offer by attending a marketplace career’s fair 
  • The TVLPN supports Tees Valley Combined Authority (LEP) with the organisation of the annual Tees Valley Skills Event. School learners across Tees Valley attend. Exhibitors have the opportunity to promote their “provision” to over 2,000 learners across the Tees Valley
  • The TVLPN organises work related learning events within schools and members are invited to be part of this delivery


  • The TVLPN produces an annual Apprenticeship Leaflet, which promotes the Higher & Degree Apprenticeships, Apprenticeships and Traineeship offer and is distributed to all secondary schools, local Stakeholders, local YSS offices and local job centres across the Tees Valley
  • The TVLPN delivers impartial Apprenticeship IAG within schools across Tees Valley, promoting the Apprenticeship/Traineeship offer to learner’s in year 10/11/12/13
  • The TVLPN, on their members behalf, will attend selective school career fairs representing Network member’s delivery offer, whilst promoting Higher & Degree Apprenticeships, Apprenticeships and Traineeships
  • Expression of Interest form are available for completion by learners who are interested in an Apprenticeship.  It is an effective referral tool, which generates additional starts for members.  The TVLPN manages this application process and where learners who complete and return to TVLPN, we will then distribute to providers accordingly
  • As a member of the TVLPN your member details will be displayed on TVLPN’s website with link to the organisation’s site
  • On behalf of members the TVLPN will promote the work-based learning offer to a broad spectrum of clients through various marketing opportunities other than those mentioned above
  • The TVLPN is a delivery partner for the Apprenticeship, Support and Knowledge for Schools and Colleges programme (ASK) funded by the National Apprenticeship Service, part of the Department of Education

CPD Training Provider/Learner

  • Member Training -The TVLPN will provide, organise and facilitate a range of demand led training which is bespoke to our member’s needs.  Our aim is to provide training / masterclasses at a reduced rate for members, which is always popular with members.
  • Learner Training – The TVLPN will provide, organise and facilitate a range of demand led training which is bespoke to your learners needs.
  • Quality Workshops

Partnership Working

  • The TVLPN works with a variety of organisation’s; the local LEP – Tees Valley Combined Authority / Skills Funding Agency / Education Funding Agency / National Careers Service /Job Centre Plus / Youth Support Services 0-19 / AELP / National Citizenship

Additional Support

The TVLPN will:

  • support members with Matrix Inspection
  • support Providers with Investors in People
  • support Providers with Ofsted Inspection
  • support new members by signposting them to a Provider Ambassador – The TVLPN has 8 members who act as Provider Ambassador’s. Potential new members have the opportunity to speak with a Provider Ambassador to find out more about the benefits about being a member
  • offer 1-1 peer support
  • organise and where appropriate, lead a variety of support groups for members 

Room Hire

  • Members can hire a conference room at a reduced cost

Recruitment- Staffing

  • Providers can use the Network to distribute job vacancies


  • Companies to sponsor Network meeting as seen appropriate